Recognition, but not for vegetarians.

You all know my love of bacon. I’ve gotten the Kiddos eating bacon. Isaac eats anything you put in front of him (apart from cucumber), and Noah is eating more and more. Especially pork based goods. In fact, Noah will now eat just about anything with pork in it.

And yeah, like I said, you know my love of bacon. So imagine my mother-humping DELIGHT when THIS email arrived in my inbox.

Click to embiggen.

Now, I have no idea what they are going to send.Vouchers? A lifetime supply of pork? Make me president of the board? Who cares. This is a SIGN from the Pork Gods.

In fact, this just shows that if you work at something hard enough, that if you plug away tirelessly, that if you fight for what you truly believe in, then someone, somewhere, will recognise your efforts.

PS If this turns out to be supermarket vouchers, a) I will be REALLY pissed and b) USA bloggers can expect a mammoth giveaway on the blog soon. All be it a bitter one.


  1. MuddyNoSugar says:

    The Pork Gods are spoiling you… when your package arrives – Please blog it.

  2. mmm bacon… a dribbling now x

  3. Congratulations. Imagine all that bacon being shoved through your letterbox.

    Oh … and 'mother-humping'? Discuss.

  4. Bloody hell! You said you'd blog about bacon and you have! And brilliantly too! x

  5. andthenallithoughtaboutwasyou says:

    Can't believe you have blogged about bacon ha ha brilliant! Have to say Baba loves bacon best food in the world in his eyes. Had cheese on toast yesterday for lunch, with a side dish of bacon, just bacon he was happy bless. You two would get on famously! xxx

  6. This post is hilarious. I pray they are not so foolish as to send you supermarket vouchers. Please eat some pork for me. I've been banned by kinesiologist – I didn't even have time to squeeze down a bacon sarnie with ketchup beforehand. Bastards!

  7. Dry cured or sweet cured?

  8. Lol, you truly are being blessed by the pork gods!

  9. you really take the bacon mocha beanie


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