Angry Baby? I’d Rather Have Angry Birds.

I don’t know what the heck is up with Isaac lately, but Jesus H he is one angry kiddo. The screaming is driving me nuts. Teething? Hungry? Tired? Adolescence? You tell me, because I feel like I’m battling all of the above. Despite doping dosing him up on Calpol and teething powders (I really should take out shares in both of these), he is non-stop shouty through mealtimes. Even if it’s porridge, one of his favourites.

But oh my god, the NOISE BREAKS MY EARDRUMS.

Lately, he screams so loud I’m waiting for social services to knock on my door. I don’t even know if it’s real anymore. It looks real. It’s pretty damn loud enough to be real. Right up until he stops screaming long enough to honk my nose or point at my boobs.

And then starts screaming again.

I think it’s possible he’s gearing up to be a rocker/heavy metal/thrash boy?

Or maybe he’s working on a role in the next “The Exorcist”? He’s done the head spinning and is about to vomit green crap all over me here, right?

You know that game “Angry Birds” that everyone’s raving about at the mo on the iPhone/Pad/Pod/Pea/Pants?

Yeah, the resemblance is uncanny, but I know which one I would rather deal with these days, preferably the one that I can switch off when I’m done.


  1. On the plus side, he is really cute when he's angry.

  2. You mean you are able to switch off angry birds? I hear it's addictive!

    It's a phase. It's all a phase, even the good bits…

  3. oh dear. good luck!

  4. Aww no, it's horrid when they're like that eh? I hope his bad days turn into good ones soon. *hugs*

  5. That last pic is precious! If I could caption it'd be "Don't messth wittth me or I'll beat you witttth Mickey Mouthe"

    Hang in there. It will pass. Eventually.

  6. Him Up North says:

    Yup, believe me, it will pass. You'll look back and laugh one day. Or not.

  7. mummytips says:

    Noooo… he's so beautiful. Switch him off and post him to me – won't be able to hear him over the noise of my girls trying to kill each other. xx

  8. I can't stop laughing! sorry your pictures are ace, he's far too cute! just think one day he may well have kids himself. Keep smiling it will pass.. one day!

  9. I love the fact you capture the good and the bad in your photos. I need to start doing more of that. Great pics.

  10. But that last photo? Melts your heart and you forget about all the shouting. Right? No? Oh well, I’ve been there done that and got several t-shirts. I recommend ear plugs.


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