Silent Sunday


Silent Sunday


  1. Utterly beautiful: is that one of your wedding shots? If so, can I hire you for my next one?? ;-)

    • mochabeaniemummy says:

      LOL No not a wedding shot, just some of the Christmas lights at the front of my house! :D (and yes you can hire me hee hee!)

  2. tiddlyompompom says:

    oh that is bee-YOOT-iful

  3. kailexness says:

    Very evocative, I love it – I loved the bouquet in the snow yesterday too

  4. Jenny Paulin says:

    Stunning ! That is all xx

  5. That's gorgeous and magical, love the contrast of colours and light. I am all linked up now, that's networked blogs tweeting before I'd had chance to link. I can't seem to turn it off…grrrr. Glad the wedding went well :)

  6. I love it, just breathtaking

  7. wow beautiful photo :)

  8. Beautiful!

  9. This is so beautiful

  10. Wow that is so gorgeous. I love it. x

  11. funkywellies says:

    What a stunning photo! I love the contrast between the background and foreground colours…

  12. Beautiful and no footprints inn the shot! Now that is clever!

    • mochabeaniemummy says:

      Hehe Thank you! I did nearly balls it up because I didn't think it would make a good shot; it's only by fluke that I try not to walk on fresh snow because I think it's so pretty :D

  13. Oh Jay, that is so beautiful :)

  14. Wow that is just beautiful hon. You're so good. x

  15. Really lovely – in fact so many of the photos taken are! Having a wonderful time persuing everyone's Silent Sunday as I sip my mid morning Tea. It's great!

  16. mummywalker says:

    That picture has made me feel really Christmassy (not a word I know). Gorgeous x

  17. Gorgeous! I want some outside just like that! Perfect. :D

  18. Gorgeous. Love it :) And where did you get the lights from, they're so pretty! xx

  19. A seriously gorgeous photo! Mich x

  20. Oh that is so pretty. Snow is annoying but you can't deny it is beautiful.

  21. That is SO beautiful!

  22. How wondeful. You've captured the light perfectly.

  23. Aww lovely! Really festive!

  24. Whoa, loads of entries this week – fantastic!


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