Silent Sunday


Silent Sunday


  1. I'll have to show this to my mum – she only makes jumpers, hats and scarves!

  2. Love it and nice knitting Josie.

    Regarding the linky, I can't see it on the macbook pro (tried chrome, firefox and safari) but I managed to add my entry on my iphone 10 minutes ago but the linky has gone into hiding once more.

  3. kailexness says:

    Willy Warmers!

  4. Fab – I thought they were baby mittens, strange shaped hands that baby must have!

  5. Love them! Who needs men, huh when we can knit our own willies?
    Although wont Dildo Bob be sad?
    :) Great pic hun x

  6. adrenalynn says:

    Effin' awesome. You are too fab!

  7. As cocks go, that one is actually quite cute!

  8. HAHAHAHAHAHA! So so brilliant!! Knitted tiny pink penis's. How very cute, I want!

  9. geekymummy says:

    words fail me. This deserves the turner prize.

  10. Bloody. Brilliant. That is all.

  11. I sincerely hope that's too small for hubs! :P

  12. Warm and cuddly. Just like a cock.

    Great picture.
    CJ xx

  13. you get cock for silent sunday – I get cake. Don't know which ones best ;)

  14. Ok I'm a bit new to all this and bit thick (unlike the very cute cock) so I'm not sure if I'm missing a linky thingy or wot…. I've posted a pic (not particularly impressive but let's just say it's a warning to not spend too much time on Twitter…) on my blog… and even managed to get the v pretty logo on there, but not sure what else to do… help anybody?! thanks :)

  15. I have seen knitted boobs before but never a knitted cock before – fab!

  16. small but perfectly formed…..


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