Silent Sunday

Uh..what the heck is “Silent Sunday”?

Silent Sunday

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  1. So glad that Silent Sunday will continue. I love your twinkly shimmering blossom tree.

  2. motherofmadcatsandbabies says:

    That's so pretty.

  3. Your winter-themed shot got us motivated at BritMums to post a holiday-themed pic.

  4. It's beginning to feel a LOT like Christmas, tra la la la la la! Gorgeous! Lovely to be back on your corner of the web ;0)

  5. Definitely Christmas is coming now! Hooray!

  6. I've joined in Silent Sunday!

  7. 1teddiemum says:

    Beautiful lights

  8. oooh pretty twinkly lights – Christmas is on it's way!

  9. Very festive. Good to see SS back here

  10. Good to have the linky back in its spiritual home!

    We saw these blossom lights in the garden centre lady week (the very same on as Fenngirl I suspect!), was very tempted to but some!

  11. mummyglitzer says:

    What pretty lights, I want! And a really fab photo too.

  12. Oooh can't wait to settle down with a wee tipple this eve and look through these! :)

  13. butwhymummywhy says:

    So pretty and subtlety festive!
    Happy that Silent Sunday is home xx

  14. schmindie says:

    beautlful! Happy to see Silent Sunday back too :-)

  15. So pretty, I love twinkly lights

  16. fireflyphil says:

    Shallow field to good advantage!

  17. That's gorgeous. I want lights like that now! And welcome home to SilentSunday :)

  18. what a gorgeous shot. I just can't resist pretty lights.

  19. I saw a huge one of these the other day. £800. The thought did cross my mind of pinching it, but I think they'd notice :/

  20. Welcome home, Silent Sunday!

  21. Hallelueia!!! Welcome back, this makes me very happy xx

  22. Beautiful simplicity xxx

  23. Hope having your baby back makes you all warm and fuzzy and not cross and stabby

  24. Great to see Silent Sunday back in its rightful place, joining in today for the first time since it left you.

    Beautiful image above; love the depth of field and almost monochrome appearance.

  25. My flower fairy lights just died, we've had 'em up all year and now they choose to go, sob!! Beautiful shot!

    • mochabeaniemummy says:

      Ahwww gutted! I've never been a fan of flower fairy lights, but saw these and loved them straight away…

  26. Absolutely gorgeous shot. Great to see Silent Sunday back!

  27. Xmas lights? Lovely to have you back hosting your baby, though LAB did you proud in care taking.

  28. Hi! I've just joined Silent Sundays! I love taking random pics and this seems like such a lovely way of doing so without saying a word… Hope you enjoy my contribution. Great to see such lovely images out there :)

  29. beautiful lights.

  30. Loving the little twinkly lights, very festive.

  31. oooo i love a twinkly light i do, and what a pretty light it is

  32. What a great photo – and welcome back!

  33. deborabora says:

    I really love this – really pretty & Christmassy

  34. lovely :)

  35. Lovely pic! Very Christmassy

  36. Oooh sparkly lights… getting all Christmassy :-)

  37. I did my Silent Sunday on Friday (first time I have EVER scheduled a post) – just come back from a weekend away and only linked up now despite my Silent Sunday going live 22 hours ago – doh.
    Glad to see Silent Sunday back with the inventor x

  38. Stunning, I love pretty twinkly lights

  39. Gorgeous…. glad to have you back.

  40. Love it. Brum is quite pretty when it wants to be ;)

  41. 1teddiemum says:

    lovely very pretty x


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