And then by magic and/or miracle, he turned 5.

Every single day, I question how the hell no one has taken my children away from me yet. Mostly because my parenting skills are diabolical, and I shout a lot, and have been known to feed them crap, and sometimes I’m a smart mouth with them when they ask one too many questions (which, of course, is all the time). Yet however, they are still alive, and even more astonishing is the fact that Noah made it to his 5th birthday last week.

I confess I patted myself on the back by drinking a bottle of Champagne, amazed with the sheer fact that I have made it this far without major disaster.

Which I’m pretty sure is imminent.

So, happy birthday kiddo. I love you a whole shit load, and I know for a fact I should say it to you more often, but I guess that’s what comes with being a bit of a crap mom. But you already know it though, right? I think the very fact that, one of the biggest presents you wanted for your birthday, was a cake with a picture of your family on it (which I didn’t get to do, and even though you said it’s ok if it doesn’t work because at least I tried {I did try}, you made things even better by saying it was ok because I could just take a photo of the 4 of us anyway, and you could have it from my polaroid and keep it with you).

I did that for you, but I hope you don’t mind that I put it in a tiny little frame for you, because then you can keep it on the unit downstairs and see it all the time. And that’s cool too, because it’s right next to your favourite place to play.

I hope you had an ace birthday; opening presents at home, lunch at Grandma and Granddad’s house, and then the Sea Life Centre the next day (you asked to go to an aquarium, and Daddy and I were over the MOON because we’d already planned the day out when you asked to go).

I love you, Noah. x

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  1. Aww Happy Birthday late! These photos are amazing

  2. hattydaze says:

    Gorgeous. I have been known to say I'm a crap mum too but I'm sure neither of us really are. My son turns 6 soon and I'm delighted that he agreed with me that the aquarium was the place to go for his birthday outing.

  3. mytwomums1 says:

    Happy Birthday :) . Gorgeous pictures. Hope it was a fun birthday.

  4. Looks like a magical birthday from those photos!
    p.s. You're an awesome mum

  5. happy birthday Noah, and Happy beocming a mum Day Jay,… such lovely photos, adore the family one.. glad you all enjoyed the day

  6. Shawna Meyer says:

    Good lord, when could this possibly have happened? I swear it was just last week that you put up the video of him escaping his crib… That it was just the other day when you were tweeting about potty training… He is a handsome boy (as is his brother) and it has been an honor to watch both of your lovely boys grow up. Please keep sharing the photos. They are wonderful.

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