Musical Bacon

*Isaac has his violin out and wants a little play*

Isaac: I want to play what you were just listening to.

Me: Oo, I think that might be a bit tricky dude.

I: I want to play a song.

MBM: What would you like to play?

I: Ummm… “5 Light Buns In the Bacon Shop”.

MBM: 5..what?

I: “5 Light Buns In The Bacon Shop”.

MBM: …”5 Light Buns?”

I: Yes.

MBM: …”In The Bacon Shop”?

I: Yes.

MBM: Are you sure?

I: Yes! *sings* “5 light buns in the bacon shop, round a fat with cherry on top…”

MBM: Awesome.


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  1. Bod for tea says:

    Mmm…a bacon shop.Wouldn't that be awesome! Clearly he's his Mother's son :D

  2. Cool just cool have you got a new song poly put the kettle on?

  3. thats cool, song now stuck in head

  4. cute! l'd let him off his bacon and bakers at lease he wants to play. Not one of my six has ever wanted to play my violin, such a shame.

  5. I would love to eat 5 light buns in the bacon shop!

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