Parent nostalgia. Awesome kids.

Dear Noah and Isaac,

At the moment, you two are the most awesome siblings ever. I mean, sure you have a minor shout at each other every so often, but you’re both still learning The Art Of Negotiating. It takes time, trust me. I do it with you both every day, and I forever hope and pray swear you’re oblivious to it as yet. Sometimes though, you do stuff which I’m pretty sure you’re not going to believe when you’re older. So I’m going to list them anyway so I can look back and laaaaaaauuuugh take the piss remember how cute you both were.

Your current favourite game appears to be a regular bath/bed time occurrence – you both strip yourselves nekkid at lightening speed, and proceed to speed around on hands and feet, from your room to the bathroom. Sometimes, you’ll argue over who looks like a horse and who looks like a dog and who looks like Gaston the barking ladybird from Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom. I would normally ignore this, but the fact that you both insist on being naked so you can stick your backsides in the air, never fails to make me laugh. Even more so, when Isaac is in the lead and his already fragrant backside lets one go right into Noah’s “trail path”.


Another thing you love to do, and MY GOD this is adorable, is saying grace at the table. Obviously it’s usually Noah leading, with Isaac kind of trying to guess what Noah’s going to say, and therefore not being in sync at all, but still. Some of the stuff you make up has made me smirk somewhat. So far, some of the things you’ve both thanked God for include:

The birds that sing
The world so sweet
The mummies and daddies
Lightning McQueen
Christmas trees
Santa Claus
Train track
The radio
Coco Pops
Archie (the cat)
The tv

I’m quite sure your very Christian grandparents will be thrilled by this.

One of the things you do which I confess I don’t understand, is the early morning requests to smell each others bottoms. Now, I know you play games in your room in the mornings, before it’s time to go downstairs. I’m also aware that you two have asses more fragrant than most others I’ve had to endure. But really? Inviting each other to do so? Y’all are weird. Or sick. I’m undecided.

I LOVE that you give each other cuddles before school and at bedtime. Not half hearted cuddles, but proper ones like you actually mean it. The odd (and out of the blue) “I love you Isaac” promptly returned with “I love you Noah” is just perfection. And I love that it’s not followed up with a punch to the face or anything. I suspect that may change in time (it had better not, or I wil kick both your asses) but I’m kind of braced for the worst in a weird kinda way.

I think one of my favourite things is how well you work together (usually when I give you no choice). Sure I’ll build you a train track, but only if you’ve started it and worked yourself into a dead end. However, when you two start the track together, you usually end up finishing the track together (and share out the trains accordingly), and that is a Good Thing. And you build some pretty decent tracks too! Although, I think I’m allowed to complain when there’s nowhere to even put my feet on the lounge floor.

At the end of the day, you guys are amazingly cool. You do so much more stuff, more than the above, more than I can remember right now, but as you know this whole thing is our journal, eh? So keep doing what you do. Look back on this and remember how great you were at this time right now. You’ll still be cool in the future, right?

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  1. lauracymft says:

    They sound hilarious and just like my two. They have a thing about farting. I don't get it. They must take it from their Dad. I love that they thank God for Lightning McQueen…is the bacon thing yours or theirs though? lol

  2. mummywifewoman says:

    Such a beautiful, heart warming post. The love for your boys is clearly evident.

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