My style

GEEEEEEEZE there’s been so much happening lately. Work has kept me ticking over in just the perfect way. No, really; I have LOVED having things to do; it’s what I’ve needed for what feels like an eternity.

As I’m growing and developing my photography, I find myself trying to find a style. Not so much a “niche”, per se, but some form of processing or editing which suits me. I know how I like to shoot – pretty much “as it happens”, and if there’s opportunity and willingness, then some crazy mad shots which a) don’t interfere with the proceedings and b) continue to show a good reflection of who I’m shooting.

(It’s funny; as I’m writing this, I’m wondering if it should actually be on my JMP blog. S’ok though, in my true style I’m suspect I’ll drop an f-bomb or something, just to please the people who get fucked off by my swearing.)

(Oh look, there it was.)

I’ve got a ton of second shooting coming up over the next few months – I am SO EXCITED. This weekend alone I have 4 weddings where I’m working with more experienced photographers, and I’m hoping to learn a shit-load of stuff from them. Technical things, organisational things, managerial things…all kinds of stuff.

And yet, I find myself becoming wary of how I can make my style fit in with their style. All the while, asking, “What is my style, anyway?”

Honestly? I couldn’t tell you. Like I said, I prefer to shoot the day as it happens. I’d love to throw some super awesome posed shots in there, but I understand many of my clients don’t want this, and would prefer to just carry on with the day for whatever reason (usually, for being uncomfortable in front of the camera).

Maybe as I continue, as I grow braver learning new things, as I just continue to throw myself into situations where I have to photograph, have to process, have to edit, maybe, just maybe I’ll figure out where I’m going.

Figure out my style.

Yeah…that’d be nice…

All Change, AFK

I’ve been due for a change for a long time.

A lot of things need to change. Some, I can take my time with, others need to change sharpish. As ever, I’ve been altering some things slowly over a period of time, but since being AFK a little bit more than usual, I’ve gotten a better idea of where I’m going with those changes.

Plus, it’s always nice to look around and see other things changing. Nothing like a good chunk of inspiration to smack you in the face.

(Apart from minor cropping, these are all straight from camera.)

Mocha Beanie Mummy, Spring, March 2012 © Mocha Beanie Mummy

Silent Sunday. It’s BACK. And it’s bigger, bolder AND SMELLING LESS LIKE AFTERSHAVE.

When I ditched the Silent Sunday linky back sometime in 2011 (I can’t remember when), the sigh of relief was so big, caused a hurricane in the middle of the pacific ocean. No one was affected though, because I don’t like world disasters and being responsible for mass death and destruction; it just makes me uncomfortable. The very same day that it was announced, approximately a zillion people got in touch asking if they could “take it” so I wouldn’t have to deal with it.

Ahhhh there’s the problem.

Much as I didn’t like the linky and the epic shit that came with it, I was genuinely sad to cut people off. I don’t think I fit in very well with the “mummy blogging” “community”, and rarely seem to fit in anywhere else on line. So to sever the last chunk of communication with the blogging world, being my love of photography, was a wee bit sad. However, Silent Sunday was always my blogging baby. And you know when you give birth, and have the newborn, and someone comes along with some hideously strong perfume or aftershave and leaves your bubba wreaking of that, rather than the natural essence of the thing you created in the first place? And all you can smell is the wreak, and not your lovely bubba? Well it’s the most bizarre analogy ever, but it’s the most accurate analogy ever.

Silent Sunday was not for others to take off me and leave their smell all over it. The end.

AND THEN, along came Love All Blogs a couple of weeks ago, asking if they would be allowed to host The Linky for me, so that my meme (meem? MeMe? Mehm?) could be resurrected properly, without being taken away from me. Am I possessive? Hell yeah. But if you know me, if you’ve spent the time reading my blog, if you have the vaguest idea of the sort of person I am, you’ll know why a SILENT Sunday is so important to me. Why I was (and still am) so particular about it.

There are shit loads of people out there whom I know for a fact snipe at Silent Sunday for whatever reason. “What’s the point? It’s just a photo.” Or, “Geeze this blog is dull, it’s nothing but photos and no words. What am I supposed to read?” Or maybe “Why should you have to follow rules to post a photo? Over on my blog I can do what the hell I like.” If those are your views, then that’s absolutely fine! I’m not going to slate you; the world would be dull if we all thought the same, no?

But I would like to say this. First – I’m a photographer. I can express myself very well with photos alone. I don’t expect you to do the same. Second – I’m crap with words. I’m not a writer. I’ve never declared myself a writer. If you want something to read, go find another blog. I promise I won’t be offended. Third – Of course you can blog what you like! But may I remind you that the rules do not stipulate that if you post a photo then YOU MUST link it up to something. Just saying. You don’t have to link it up if you don’t want to follow the rules. So please. Please show some (A LOT) of respect over on Lovel All Blogs.

Annie at Love All Blogs pitched to me absolutely perfectly, was bloody lovely about it, and was brilliant in “asking me first” if it was ok to go ahead. I have a lot of respect for her for that. And so, the Silent Sunday linky is back, and can be found on Love All Blogs Silent Sunday Linky, and the badge as ever can be found there or here. Ok, much like my tagline, I’m emitting all manner of crap now. So go. Do your Silent Sunday.

The Rules still apply. Why wouldn’t they? It wouldn’t be Silent Sunday without them.

This Week.

He lives!

Isaac Pox Recovery-1

We are now both suffering from cabin fever, and I’m pretty convinced he’s sick of me now. That’s ok, because Pox Boy is going back to school on Monday, dammit.

It’s been a bloody long week.



Ice The Cake Wedding Photograph of The Year 2012

And it turns out I didn’t have to pay anyone. You can read more on JMP and on Ice the Cake. OMFG! And thank you.


I’ve been asked to go back and perform with an orchestra. I quit professionally a few years ago. My last ever concert was very nearly a year ago, I haven’t picked up my cello since then.

I want to play. I actually want to play. Unfortunately, the thought TERRIFIES me. Maybe I’ll do some of the rehearsals. Play it safe, and all that.



In the car

Noah: Mommy can I have a drink please?

Me: Yes, would you like some juice when we get back? I don’t have anything on me now.

N: Ok, yes please.

Isaac: Can I have a drink please Mommy?

MBM: Yes, when we get back Isaac. What would you like?

I: Ummm…wine please.

MBM: …would you like red or white?

I: Ummm…white wine, please.

MBM: …okaaaayyyy…


I was so desperate to get into a bottle of wine last night, I managed to shatter the cork, flip the corkscrew off my hand and give myself a massive blood blister on my thumb.

I’m embarrassed. I may have to revert to screw top bottles. And ask Isaac for help.


I know we’re over these now, but this one still made me laugh.

Pox Watch Day 6 – Pictures Speak Louder Than Words

Gruffalo face. Complete with “warts”

Happy Snacks Face. Mickey didn’t get any.

Comedian Face. Always the funny boy.

Er…ok, I think that was enough.

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