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Silent Sunday

Way back in June 2009, I started posting a photo most Sundays. There was no specific reason, but I often found I had just one photograph I had taken, which either summed up my week, really caught my attention, made me smile – WHATEVER. It was often something I could post which needed no words at all. The picture alone didn’t need the words because it said all that could be said.

Hence “Silent Sunday”.

So I continued, trying to avoid using words. Sometimes I find that words can clutter a photograph. Sometimes I want to look at a photograph, and make up my own mind about it, what I think about it, rather than what others might think it should be about. I guess I was thinking, when you go to a museum or art gallery, more often than not the art is just there for you to look at, and not be distracted by a great deal of text. Sometimes, we just don’t need the noise of words, sometimes we just want peace and quiet.

Plus, I often find pictures all the more interesting without words; perhaps I like to give my imagination the freedom it wants. I look back on my early posts, and I know my thoughts have changed completely on the photo, because they have been given the freedom to do so. I wonder now, what was happening? Perhaps it was this? Why choose that? I like this idea…I prefer that thought…

And so, after a year and a half, here in November 2010, I finally open the doors to Silent Sunday, and ask you to join in. Post your photo…blog your photo…tweet your photo…blimey you could even twitpic your photo, of anything you like. Add the badge below to your blog or post or wherever so people know what Silent Sunday is all about. A linky will be on the latest Silent Sunday post on my main blog each week.

The rules are so easy it’s crazy:

Join the linky but don’t follow the rules? Your post will be removed out of fairness and respect for everyone else.


Can you make your picture “speak” without any words at all?


Silent Sunday

Still don’t get it? Then you need to read this.


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