Society Stinks

One of the reasons I’m looking forward to getting Noah out of current Crappy School, is quite honestly, because of the standards. Don’t get me wrong, I have found his teacher Mrs H to be absolutely LOVELY. In fact, if it were possible, I would ask that Noah can take her to his new school. Unfortunately, it’s the rest of the school and/or attendees which make me cross.

The Mr and I are raising Noah and Isaac to be well mannered, polite, caring and considerate boys. It’s not that hard. Actually, it’s quite easy, especially when you lead by example (though I do have to prod The Mr occasionally to remind him to say please, thank you and excuse me…). But I think it’s important in life. I think they are some incredibly important and necessary life skills.

So, when I’m walking along the path to Noah’s school gate, with Isaac in his pushchair, or I have them both either side of me, and people seem incapable of not taking up the entire path when walking towards me, I get cross. And I get severely fucked off when Isaac or Noah get shoved out of the way, because people won’t move the hell over. I also get reeeeeally annoyed when (already running late), The Smalls stop to let people through gates and doorways, and they are completely unacknowledged. Or when I let them through and they don’t even look me in the eye. No nod of gratitude.

And it’s not just at school.

I get sick of people’s rude attitudes in general. It fucks me off that people seem to forget how to have a two-way conversation. I seem to have figured out how to build up some friendships lately, though I don’t know how far or deep they will go. And one of the things I LOVE, is a “Hey, how you doing?” and not bombarding me with a ton of shit, but actually talking to me because they WANT to. Not because they are just looking for the first person to vent their spleen at.

For the record, I don’t mind people venting their spleen at me, I know we’re all stress-heads in this environment today. But it goes two ways. It always goes two ways.

Weirdly, I’m a sucker for the “Hey, how you doing?” message. Whether it’s on twitter, facebook, email, text, iMessage, Whatsapp, whatever. It will never fail to make me smile, no matter who it’s from. It’s always nice to think “ah! They actually want to talk to me! They were thinking of me! Ok they want to vent, but they were nice enough to acknowledge first!”

And there’s a key word. “Acknowledge“. It’s not hard.

Maybe I’m too old fashioned. Maybe I should accept that we now live in a world where manners, consideration for others, respect, is becoming a non existant thing. And yet, I continue the fight for Noah and Isaac to be back in private school. Why? Because even from the age of 3, they are expected to wear shirts and ties. If Isaac was still in the school, his uniform this year would be a shirt, school tie (albeit on elastic), knee length grey shorts, regulation knee high socks, v-neck school jumper, and a blazer. And going in/out of school, he is to wear a regulation school cap. He would be expected to say “good morning” or “good afternoon” to every member of staff who adresses him. When the headmaster walks into a classroom, they are to stand and adress him (or her…) in unison. The school revolves around tradition; focuses on VALUES.

But on the whole, it’s not fucking hard to acknowledge someone. Especially if you are going to make an effort to continue to speak to them. So you know what, Society of Human Beings? Pull your head out of your arse, and start thinking about those other people around you. It’s a wonderful feeling, trust me. Some of them are amazingly great people! But you won’t know that until you stop being a self-obsessed asshat.

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  1. SAHMlovingit says:

    So so SO right. Manners cost nothing. I get soooooo annoyed each morning at the parents who use the lollypop lady and don't say thank you when she stops the traffic for them when they aren't even with their kids (i'm talking after the school run when they are on their way back to their cars). You know what, MC is the only child who goes out of her way to cheerily shout "THANK YOU" to the lollypop lady and it makes her smile so much.
    There's a gated entrance to the nursery part of the school and I've lost track of how many people I've held the gate open for and they haven't even acknowledged me. It takes 1 second to say thank you ffs.
    People who are rude and have no manners really bloody annoy me.
    End of mini rant.

  2. I blame the parents every time. They don't say please and thank you themselves and they don't correct their kids when they omit it either. Only yesterday I held a school door open for one very loud mother (on the phone as usual) who didn't even look at me never mind mouth a thanks. I had to restrain myself from kicking her up the bum as she swanned past. Grr.

  3. Yep, you're right and you know what's worst? We can't do anything about society, it will always just carry on just as it is because some people just don't give a monkey's arse.

    I feel your frustration but some of us out there are good – honest!

  4. I wonder what you would think of California? Kids are
    Polite, if sometimes very chatty and by my standards over familiar. Californians always ask how each other are doing and wish each other, very genuinely, to have a nice day. But our kids wear no uniforms, they look like mini rock stars or surf dudes. I haven't seen a tie even on an adult since the last time our Japanese colleagues visited the office. It's a weird mix of casual with congeniality.

  5. Agree with every word. Hopefully society will calm down at some point, and I am still praying you get him out of that school.
    Liska x

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hey dear Mochamum, haven't seen anything of you for a long time. Are you okay in there?

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