Silent Sunday

What is Silent Sunday?

Silent Sunday

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  1. schmindie says:

    ahh those colours are fab!

  2. I love the colours in this photo, so Chrismassy!

  3. I have some serious hat envy right now.

  4. pressiesbypebbles says:

    Stunning picture, how happy :)

  5. Looks like he's having a fantastic time, love the riot of colour!

  6. The Christmas Spirit has struck, then?

  7. hattydaze says:

    Great Christmas colours. x

  8. Nice hat :)

  9. PS: sorry for accidentally linking twice!

  10. I LOVE his hat!

  11. What a bright and exciting Christmassy photo – looks like lots of fun was being had

  12. Lovely picture that sums up what children & christmas is all about.

  13. Carousels! Beautiful picture

  14. That is such an awesome festive photo! I love it! It conveys everything

  15. Beautiful colours. Camera or iPhone?

  16. cupcakesandotherstuff says:

    Gorgeous! I love carousels :)

  17. loving all the colours going on here!

  18. Beautiful. It's good to be back.

  19. Bah! I missed the linky! But still here. :)

  20. Great shot – love his hat!

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