Then Suddenly, The School Gods Did Smile Upon Them.

And did call up Mrs MBM yesterday, and grant Noah a place at the same school as his brother in the new year.

And thus, the brothers were to attend school together, in the same building and Mrs MBM did contemplate cutting down on drinking, after a celebratory liqor.

The Gods did choose to smile upon Mrs MBM and co, though Mrs MBM wondered if the joy of Christmas would still go ahead as now all pennies to be squandered upon Christmas cheer, were now to be willing given to Clive Marks Schoolwear for a whole new uniform.

Lo, Noah did graciously and calmly accept the fate of leaving his 2nd school this year, for Noah is a cool and laid-back child, thus. For this, his mother was glad.

And so, Mrs MBM did weep a little, but was immensely thankful to no-longer refrain from yelling obscenities at people who did not move the fuck out of the way when whizzing from one school to the next each morning.

Mrs MBM and co did thank The Very Gods for their graciousness. And then she did contemplate ways to sell her soul to pay for the new year.

And so it was, a merry Christmas.

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  1. motherscuffer says:

    Having a little cry for you here, it was about time ye gods showed a little school-related kindness! x

  2. Yay!

  3. Good news! Whoop!

  4. Hadn't commented yet but did link to this post in my Time for Thanks post the other day.
    Such fab news.
    commenting from phone IF it works

  5. WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! That is all x

  6. YAY! Such great news!

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