Silent Sunday


What is Silent Sunday?

Silent Sunday

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  1. Beautiful picture, so magical xx

  2. Gorgeous photo

  3. great colours

  4. hattydaze says:


  5. Brinabird and Son says:

    Interesting effect.

  6. looks very cosy there x

  7. By the way, Im not about to pop my clogs. Steve is ok, so is maynard, Pauline. Just hoping you are too.My favourite singer at the moment is olly murs…you probably hate me for that…..when you see me smiling, Im ok.. I think this is goodbye to my past.

  8. Great picture. Love the effects.

  9. Lovely picture, thanks for hosting such a lovely linky :-)

  10. schmindie says:

    I love LOVE your filter there! Gorgeous picture too

  11. Love the effect on this :)

  12. Its beautiful! love the effect

  13. Bubble baths are a great place to think, but one should never be that serious when surrounded by so many lovely, foamy bubbles.

  14. what a babe! Great effect x

  15. Love it, so bright.

  16. mummyandhertwoboys says:

    Blanket of bubbles maybe? Lovely!

  17. Happy Birthday gorgeous boy!

    Ahh I miss bubble baths… *sigh*
    We do have a bath, but it's tiny and my fat arse just can't get comfy in it!
    #mustloseweightthisyear #noreallyimeanit #itotallywilldoitthistime #honest

  18. jobrownpictures says:

    Loving this silentSunday idea. And your photo is so sweet lots of lovely photos here too, its my first time doing this so hope I've done it ok. Jo x

    • mochabeaniemummy says:

      Hi Jo, thanks for joining in! Great to have you on board and I hope you enjoy it. Just remember to link to your single post rather than your entire blog, so if someone comes back in the week, they'll know which post they're looking at! :D

  19. Fantastic photo!

  20. Deep in thought at such a young age.

  21. mumofthreeboys says:

    Love the colours feels like a very warm picture! :-£

  22. Love it! :)

  23. That's one epic bubble bath…?

  24. Love the filter

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