Silent Sunday


What is Silent Sunday?

Silent Sunday

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  1. Oooh I am full of envy! How beautiful is that!!

  2. Lilinha Angel says:

    WOW! Shiny new Mac… If you ever get bored of it, there is a recycling bin at my house.. lol :) x

  3. lauracymft says:

    Ooooo look at the pretty!!

  4. t1ckledp1nk says:

    Jealous doesn't even come close!

  5. oooh very posh

  6. Gotta love a new toy :)

  7. oooh def could do with one of those

  8. Very nice :)

  9. jacqui2000 says:

    Jealous. *pouts*

  10. backtomycountryroots says:

    Very nice! Am very jealous! ;)

  11. For some reason, that picture of yours doesn't surprise me….

  12. Now that is very cool. Happy Sunday!

    Enjoy your new gadget :)

  13. Shiny new computer – how exciting :-) xx

  14. Name?

  15. A new iMac?? Jealous!

  16. Oh, how lovely! A late Christmas present? Wish Santa would bring me one …. dream on dearie. *sighs*

  17. Your silent sundays always make me so damn jealous!

  18. which body part can i sell to get that bad boy?? :-)

  19. Just posted the first Silent Sunday post from the new PODcast blog. Loving the iMac :)

  20. fireflyphil says:

    Have fun!

  21. lucky you!

  22. Oooow pretty :)

  23. Sara (@mumturnedmom) says:

    Ooh, lucky you… enjoy!
    This is the first time I've tried linking… Hope I've done it correctly?!?

  24. oooh shiny!

  25. Shawna Meyer says:

    That is a lovely new member of the household. Will you be running dual screens then when working on photos?

  26. My first proper linky! Looks like you have a fab new toy to play with. Enjoy!

  27. Ooh shiny new toys – enjoy

  28. boorootiggertoo says:

    Very nice!

  29. ooo exciting!

  30. Soooo jealous!

  31. Newbie ….shuffles quietly out the room

  32. yum, well jell!! (I've never said that before, can you tell?)

  33. Ooh, lovely new toy. Tool, I mean tool.

  34. wrighttimesblog says:

    I have one, and I love it. Cannot stand Windows now, even though at work, we have to use rubbish old windows pc's.

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