Silent Sunday

Smalls in the Snow

What is Silent Sunday?

Silent Sunday

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  1. Sums up the complete and utter joy of kids and snow!

  2. so happy, i love snow but with a baby recovering from ear infection have been stuck at home this time. I just cannot wait until he is old enough to play with it. LOVE IT!a

  3. Sarah bambinosandbumps says:

    Fab shot of absolute pure joy! Adults could learn a lot from the enjoyment kids get from things as simple as snow. :-)

  4. motherscuffer says:

    Jay, that is such a joyous picture, I love it!

  5. backtomycountryroots says:

    What a happy little chap! Great photo! :-)

  6. Mammasaurus says:

    Wahey! Loving it – smashing action shot of pure happiness!

  7. Love your photo!

  8. thats such a fantastic picture!!

  9. kids love the snow, me not so much ;)

  10. Jay, this photo is GORGEOUS. Just perfect for a hundred reasons.

  11. baggiesbabe says:

    Fantastic Picture

  12. baggiesbabe says:

    Linked Coombe Mill for Fiona as she's partying in the snow & she's got no internet at the moment!

  13. Lovely pic – lovely smile :)

  14. Look at that expression! Lovely shot :D

  15. He definitely looks like he's enjoying the snow!

  16. An Exeter Mum says:

    Wonderful x

  17. what a fab shot x looks he his having an amzing time x

  18. His jacket against the white looks super. lovely shot x

  19. v cool photo – really shows the joy in the snow!

  20. deborabora says:

    Excellent photo – sums up snow & kids in one glance

  21. Lovely happy snow photo!

  22. That's pure joy isn't it!

  23. countryidyll says:

    What a truly joyful photo, love it! It really captures the moment.

  24. mochabeaniemummy says:

    Thank you for all the lovely comments! :)

  25. Fab photo… almost makes me want to go outside and do the same. Almost ;)

  26. Great picture. The sight of snow makes me feel just as happy too!

  27. Those boys are so lucky to have such a talented photographer for a mother. Beautiful memories captured again Lady! X

  28. blogabyebaby says:

    Awesome photo – wish I could get that happy about snow!!

  29. Awesome photo – I wish I could get that excited about snow!

  30. Wonderful photo :)
    I've just posted my first Silent Sunday from my new blog…. took me ages LOL

  31. :) gorgeous

  32. fireflyphil says:

    Just radiant happiness!

  33. Wow! This is such a great photo :)

  34. Awesome photo – Love it! :) xx

  35. Shawna Meyer says:

    What a fantastic spot of color he is in that pure white snow! Excellent as always. :)

  36. Love this :-)

  37. Life is awesome!

  38. What a fantastic photo! Looks like you had loads of snow x

  39. Sara (@mumturnedmom) says:

    Love it – completely captures the joy!

  40. We've yet to have enough snow to be able to play in it… though it looks like tomorrow may change that up here!

  41. Fabulous photo… As always! You capture moments so perfectly!

  42. Euphoria!

  43. oh wow, gorgeous moment, gorgeously captured!

  44. Such happiness.

  45. Gorgeous picture!

  46. That is such a gorgeous photo!

  47. Fantastic photo!!

  48. Wonderful. Captures everything about snow that we love

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