Oh hey, yeah, remember when it snowed?

Well I remembered to grab my camera in between trying to build snowmen out of powder snow (it’s really tricky).

I forgot these on my camera (I haven’t edited them because I didn’t want to, hah) but bloody hell we had some fun…

Fun in the snow Jan 13-1 Fun in the snow Jan 13-4 Fun in the snow Jan 13-7 Fun in the snow Jan 13-10 Fun in the snow Jan 13-15

And then there was MOAR EPIC SNOW! so I made Isaac go outside and be all cute and stuff, but he didn’t want to be all cute and stuff so I just photographed him anyway.

Fun in the snow Jan MkII 13-2 Fun in the snow Jan MkII 13-5 Fun in the snow Jan MkII 13-7 Fun in the snow Jan MkII 13-11

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  1. Building snowmen with powder snow is nigh-on impossible. I know this because of 15 disappointed children and one failed snow-man building competition at Boy #2's birthday last year. I feel your pain, Cosmic Girlie…

  2. mustlovecows says:

    Beautiful photos as ever. And those boys are incredibly cute. Xx

  3. freakin cute smallllls!!

  4. Lovely photos. Was fun looking at them

  5. Jay, I can't tell you how much the picture with the snowdrop on the eyelash moved me. Too too beautiful. You are a gifted photographer. I hope you know that. HMSx

  6. Beautiful, Janet…just fecking beautiful.

  7. I hope you are well….Les Mis is about break the Oscars…Personally I liked Gilbert and Sullivan….even if I cannot spell it !

  8. Very jealous, so much snow on my Country Kids linky but we haven't had any in Cornwall, in fact barely even a frost.

  9. ferreroroche123 says:

    Beautiful pics. Love the close up of your boy's face. Nothing more gorgeous than a child's skin. Also love his Gruffalo gloves! My son has the slippers.

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