Silent Sunday

Archie Feb 13-1

What is Silent Sunday?

Silent Sunday

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  1. t1ckledp1nk says:

    Gorgeous photo! Looks so pleased with himself!

  2. Lovely cat great photo

  3. Lovely colours x

  4. fireflyphil says:

    Where's MY breakfast?

  5. Shawna Meyer says:

    All that's missing is a feather or two. :) I bet she's a handful.

  6. His arched back makes me think he's hissing, but then when I look closer it actually looks like he is licking his lips._Great snap._Liska xx

  7. I love the little tongue Arwh x

  8. Love the thinking behind 'Silent Sunday'…… to have a little browse through your lovely blog.

  9. Great capture!

  10. Awwwww man! Your pics always make mine look like shite. ;)

  11. Aww, love this photo! Gorgeous cat :-)

  12. Aww fab shot! x

  13. Great shot :)

  14. Hi, sorry I'm a newbie and I've screwed up. I'm on the list twice, no.113 is from two weeks ago. sorry 114 is my current one. I can't work out how to delete is sorry

  15. the cat that got the cream ?

  16. Sorry, not a cat lover, but a great shot of him licking his lips!!

  17. 1teddiemum says:

    great colours

  18. Either he/she has just eaten something yummy or has just spotted something that looks yummy! x

  19. Aw, nice to see a 4 legged member if the damily

  20. At first glance (I'm using my phone)… His (her?) collar looked like a mouse's tail hanging out the side of his mouth!!! Made me laugh and double take!! :-)

  21. Gorgeous cat :)

  22. Totally brilliant shot!

  23. That looks like a very happy cat :)

  24. joannanoble says:

    What a beautiful cat :) x

  25. I've seen that satisfied look a few times on Penguin's face too.

  26. emilytealady says:

    Cat on a mission! Lovely photo. My first time taking part, love looking at all the pictures, fascinating!

  27. Hope I didn't link twice but my first one didn't appear even after leaving it for a few hours.

  28. What a pretty kitty! :) My cats never let me anywhere near them with a camera – they're ninja cats. Little shits! ;) x

  29. Great picture, looks like dinners ready!

  30. I love sticky-outy pet tongue pics :)

  31. I love this idea and the total simplicity of it. I would love to join in some time in the future, I've read and re-read the rules and I think I've got it! Here's to total, utter, single picture silence :)

    Just Pirouette and Carry On…

  32. I LOVE this, what a cool cat! such a cool shot :)

  33. Great shot! It's absolutely stunning!

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