Silent Sunday

Rebecca B, Solihull Pregnancy photography, Feb 13

What is Silent Sunday?

Silent Sunday

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  1. Mine's a black and white this week too, makes it so much more dramatic sometimes doesn't it? Adore the angle on this, the floorboards really draw you in. Happy to be joining in with you again.

  2. Lovely photo x

  3. Simply beautiful

  4. Ugh! Every time I see your wedding/maternity/newborn work, I immediately wish two things: 1.) I wish I lived closer to you (at least on the same continent), and 2.) I wish I could get married and pregnant all over again so I could hire you.

    You do fantastic work, lady. Keep it up!! :)

  5. Stunning, just love it.

  6. love this fab x

  7. Lovely contrasts in that photo – well done

  8. Lilinha Angel says:

    Gorgeous bump shot! :) x

  9. What an amazingly powerful picture. Fantastic.

  10. Great photo., thanks :-)

  11. Lovely bump shot. This took me straight back to doing yoga classes when I was pregnant (though I am not sure I looked as gorgeous as this and I wasn't in black and white). Got to get back to yoga… really it has been three years.

  12. Stunning photo! Love B&W shots :)

  13. Just Beautiful

  14. lovely image

  15. Awesome picture. I am a new follower of Silent Sunday. :)

  16. Beautiful photo! Makes me wish I had done something like this when pregnant

  17. I see this photo and think 1960s and Andy Warhol. Fabulous in its simplicity.

  18. baggiesbabe69 says:

    Great picture, words are certainly not needed in this.

  19. love the photo – and loving seeing the other pics too for silent sunday

  20. So stylist! Love it! :)

  21. Lovely and dramatic shots!

  22. sarahhillwheeler says:

    Stunning, and classic. It strikes me as very modern, but also has a sixties feel to it (or maybe that's just me).

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