Silent Sunday

The Smalls 28 02 13-2

What is Silent Sunday?

Silent Sunday

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  1. Such a happy face on a lovely looking day x

  2. happy boy xx

  3. Looks like pure joy!

  4. Lovely photo! :)
    (I linked up) x

  5. What a sweetie!

  6. Gorgeous. Put a big smile on my face!
    New badge is great by the way.

  7. lilandrael says:

    That truly is a beautiful photo. It reflects the pure joy and innocence that is youth. What a better way to capture it than this?

  8. Excited little face, he's so cute!

  9. deborabora says:

    I really love that photo – real natural utterly happy photo

  10. Nothing like a hearty laugh and a smiley face to make evryone else laugh and smile :-)

    xx Jazzy

  11. rachajames2001 says:

    Swearing – sorry! Messed up at 98 and reposted correctly at 100. Sorry. Still new and very growly today to boot so it wasn't going to work was it? Love your pic. Wish I felt like that today :)

  12. That is one happy lil dude!

  13. fireflyphil says:

    Great use of shallow depth-of-field to advantage!

  14. Love the picture, chocka block full of happiness! :-)

  15. Jeannette says:

    Great photo & new badge. I've got the old badge on my two today but I'll get the new cool one on next weeks. Hope that's ok J.

  16. What a cutie! Brim-full of happy!

  17. Love it! Pure Joy

  18. daddy4pigs says:

    Great photo, good work! :)

  19. baggiesbabe69 says:

    Pure sunshine :-)

  20. He looks so happy!

  21. Silk Scarf Mum says:

    Such a beautiful happy photo

  22. one happy boy, love it!

  23. What a fantastic photo! Great capture x

  24. Bright, colourful, crisp & cheery. Perfect.

  25. You have ludicrously gorgeous offspring.

  26. That is ace!

  27. Oh someone looks happy. I smiled right back :)

  28. What a gorgeous, happy photo!

  29. what a gorgeous character shot! his very essence is beaming off the page here

  30. Great expression capturing a look of such joy :)

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