Silent Sunday


Silent Sunday


  1. Omg that is the cutest photo ever. Fantastic photography you really should take it up professionally ;) xx

  2. Nooooo….must push broody feelings away…Arrrgh!

    Beautiful Jay, absolutely beautiful.

  3. curlyandcandid says:

    That is absolutely stunning Jay – you rock!

  4. Ooh, what a scrummy baby! Makes a girl think… ;)

    Well done you and congrats on your amazing new career! ;)


  5. Just beautiful. Your photography is stunning

  6. My actual first thought on this? That's one hairy baby! Fab photo, too.

  7. theboyandme says:

    What a beautiful photo Jay.

  8. Omg that is the cutest photo ever. Fantastic photography you really should take it up professionally ;) love it x

  9. Nooooo….must push broody feelings away…Arrrgh!

    Beautiful photo Jay, stunning!

  10. Super photo!

  11. Absolutely perfect. What a beautiful photo. And so persuasive – you might want to keep it away from anyone feeling remotely broody…

  12. Absolutely beautiful!

  13. mumfordandsons4real says:

    How Beautiful

  14. oh my goodness that is such a beautiful picture. Have just discovered Silent Sunday and have posted my first this morning. Thank you!

  15. I'm not remotely broody and yet…….
    Awesome photograph: do you do this for a living?

  16. I love your baby photo, so gorgeous. I hope you don't mind but my brother has come from sea with some fab photos, and I just wanted to share one – so he's my guest photographer for this week!

  17. Wow! Gorgeous photo!
    Must…. have…… more…… babies…………………….

  18. Beautiful! I really love baby pics!

  19. *grabs heart* OMG the squish!!!

  20. I love this, so precious xxx

  21. Absolutely beautiful! Just scrumptious.

  22. Hey YOU!!!! Been on a bloggy break, back now. what a perfect shot, love it. Really unusual composition, I love it . xxxx

  23. This is gorgeous! So peaceful as well. Making me broody though as Miss P was born with a similar amount of hair!

  24. Simply gorgeous :) xxx

  25. yummymummyno1 says:

    Oh my god! Be still my beating ovaries! I almost want to have another baby just so you can take beautiful pictures! ;-)

  26. Beautiful! x

  27. cherrymumof6 says:

    Truly stunning photo!

  28. That photo had almost achieved the impossible – to make me want to do it all over again!!

    Welcome back x

  29. Perfect. Clever girl. x

  30. Oh gorgeous. I love a hairy baby.

  31. I really like this idea (Silent Sunday). I see that many of you are 'Mummy' bloggers. I have posted one of my favourtie pictures that I took this week of the sunset from my window, but I realised I should have put on my link that the rest of my blog contains adult content. Hope no one gets too much of a shock.


  32. Gorgeous Photo!!

  33. This is one of your best newborn pics I reckon! Really stunning.

  34. Oh my god heart bleeds gorgeous gorgeous xx

  35. motherporridge says:

    that is too cute for words

  36. I think my womb just skipped a beat!

  37. Awww very cute! Love sleeping babies!

  38. What a beautiful picture x

  39. Jenny Paulin says:

    So beautiful Jay, just stunning xx

  40. Awwww I love this photo. I just want to squishy cuddles.

  41. PS I just taggged you on my blog. Sorry…don't hate me! x

  42. So unbelievably gorgeous!!!!!

  43. Gorgeous…..

  44. Gorgeous pic Ms Mocha Beanie! Follow your heart. Do the photography career! you know it makes sense ;-)

  45. So incredibly beautiful!! You are wonderfully talented. I'm in awe.

  46. Beautiful picture! I love to watch them sleep.


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