Snowmageddon my arse.

You know what much of the UK sucks at doing? Maintaining a level of common sense. For. REAL.

We’re currently experiencing “Snowmageddon”, whereby people have been out panic buying food and fuel (fuel? Why? Surely that cancels out panic buying food if you’re not planning on going anywhere?) in preparation for The Worst Snow Ever.

Now, granted when I started taking my photos for this post, there was barely any snow. I did the school run without so much as batting an eyelid, as there was maybe half an inch on the ground. And look at it! It was fucking freezing, but quite nice to see.

Snowmageddon Start, Jan 13-1


I confess the footprints shot made me laugh. It started off as poignant and stuff, and then it just ended up looking like a penis letting out it’s load.

Snowmageddon Start, Jan 13-5 Snowmageddon Start, Jan 13-8

HARD. Snowmageddon Start, Jan 13-9

in case you didn’t know, I absolutely fucking love the snow. As it turns out, we live in the UK where we (barely) have 4 seasons a year. One of them is winter. Winter involves snow. Snow is cold. So it falls in winter. Which is one of the 4 seasons. There are 4 seasons in the UK. Every year. More often than not, usually, without fail. So really, really, people should be clued up about the fact that snow pretty much WILL HAPPEN AT SOME POINT, no? Also, the whining and complaining? Here’s a tip – may I suggest another country? There are some places which are slightly warmer than here, and if you go to the right part, don’t see snow very often. Egypt, for example. Or perhaps, Dubai. Or maybe the Sahara Desert?

Now, as far as I’m concerned, the photos above are absolutely no kind of Snowmageddon. However, it’s been snowing heavily non-stop since I took these photos (about 2 hours ago) and looking outside now, I think I might be a bit fucked for the school run. Huh.


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  1. darrellbutcher says:

    Karma's a bitch, isn't it? :-)

  2. Did I mention I'm going snowboarding in two days? Do you think my plane will get off the ground in England with all the snow?

    • mochabeaniemummy says:

      *LAUGHING* So, Shelly, you're going on holiday are you? Snowboarding, did you say? Snow? On holiday? I'm not sure you mentioned it…*Also wonders if your plane will get off the ground*

  3. lauracymft says:

    It does make me chuckle that people get so annoyed and shocked when it snows in the UK. Actually, we've had no snow. Not a bit. But your snow looks lovely!

  4. Fantastic photos. We have not had even the tiniest of flakes here!

  5. wrighttimesblog says:

    Love your comment about the penis letting out it's load. I didn't even notice it until I read what you wrote. That's surprising as I have a filthy mind at times lol.
    You can tell your good with your camera. Some say snow is really difficult to photographs as its so blank without many features or shades. How do you do it? Do you use filters when shooting snow. If so, which type?

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