There are SO MANY memes and blogs and things out there at the mo. As most of you know, I currently run Silent Sunday. You can read about it all here, or you can click on that tab which says Silent Sunday just up on the right hand side there.

*waits for you to go read*

Done? Ok.

Now, I’ve got to be honest, I think it’s really cool that loads of you want to be involved. It’s fab. Encouraging people to grab a photo of that moment in the week that meant something to them, then that’s BRILLIANT. But it’s a meme….and there are rules. And what really sucks is when people break those rules, when others are making a fantastic effort to stick to the rules, and enhance the meme theme.

…I really don’t like the word meme, but whatever.

RIGHT. Let’s just go over a few things. First and foremost, it is called SILENT SUNDAY. This means there are to be NO WORDS IN YOUR POST.




As of Sunday 27th March, this will also include the title. There are to be NO WORDS.




I know some of you like words. Some of you LOVE words. If that’s the case, then why do you not do a Silent Sunday, and then WRITE about your photo later in the week? Or if you don’t want to post the same photo twice but the photo means that much to you, why don’t you write your post, with words, and then schedule it for in the week? You still get to use your photo AND you can post something else to Silent Sunday with NO WORDS.

Did I mention NO WORDS, by the way?

NO. WORDS. No videos, songs, text, quotes, NOTHING. NO. WORDS.

I got very sad when I read this post from Nickle – er – Nickie at I Am Typecast. I couldn’t decide whether I agreed or disagreed, as I don’t see anything wrong with photo posts at all; I think they’re great. I do my own 365 Project, and am excited to look back on it at the end of the year – my year in photos. Photo blogs rock; I’m a photographer, I’m bound to love them. But part of me agrees with one of the things she asks: “Are we getting lazy with blogging?” And that’s where her post struck a chord. Some don’t seem to make as much effort with posts and even photos any more. She also asks “Does a picture really speak a thousand words?” I believe it can. In yesterday’s Silent Sunday post, some of you pointed out things in the photo I hadn’t even appreciated. And I’m seeing the same thing happening with others, usually those who have taken the time behind taking the photo, or where you can see it meant something to the poster.

These are the ones that stand out to me. Those are the one’s where I think, “yeah…that’s really cool. I totally get that.” Sometimes I don’t get the picture. But somehow you can still see that it means something to the poster. But lately I find myself not bothering to “read” some posts because I don’t want to look at words. I just want to see a photo that was a significant moment from your week. Nosy? Hell yeah.

Silent Sunday is a moment from your last week (yes, this is a rule to Silent Sunday also. Something which happened in the LAST 7 DAYS LEADING UP TO YOUR POST) and it should be a moment significant to you. Many talk about “bending the rules” – why do that? Why not just stick to the rules and do another post as well? Is it laziness? Can people not be bothered any more, and so try to find an easy work-around? Are people stuck for ideas and don’t know what to post? If that’s the case, why not just leave Silent Sunday for that week and find something worthwhile to post the following week instead?

Also, if you used someone else’s photo, do you know the law will come down on you like a ton of bricks if you choose photos that you’ve snatched from someone else? If I ever found my images being posted on someone else’s blog and them passing them off as their own, or without my permission, do you know how fast I will be on the phone to my lawyer? And yes. I have a lawyer. And no, I’m not shitting about when I stress this rule. It is important. For very good reason.

Of course, some people have several moments from their weeks that have been awesome or poignant or significant or whatever. So you have more than one photo to use. Perhaps you could choose the ONE PHOTO ONLY which speaks the most? The ONE PHOTO ONLY which obviously doesn’t need any words, including “This is a photo of the sun” or perhaps “I took this photo with a camera”? Because Silent Sunday is JUST ONE PHOTO ONLY. If you have other photos, then surely/possibly/maybe…you could blog about them, on your blog, in the week? Isn’t that part of what blogging is about? Isn’t it more respectable to give the other photos the justice and space they deserve by writing a full post for them?

Well wouldn’t you know it, this post has been anything but silent. And with good reason. The Die Hard Silent Sunday Purists have spoken, me being one of them. So from now on, if you wish to take part, OBSERVE the rules:

You use just one photo in your post.
You must have taken the picture – you cannot use something you found on the internet or a photo that belongs to someone else (*ahem* COPYRIGHT *ahem*).
Use a photo taken in the week leading up to your post.
You don’t have to do it every week.
It’s Silent, isn’t it? So please, please, please… no words in the post OR the title. The only title permitted is “Silent Sunday”.

I do go and look at every single Silent Sunday post. If you are found to be breaking the rules, your post will be removed from the Linky. If you’re having trouble with the linky, out of courtesy, please don’t be a stress head in the comments on my Silent Sunday posts. You can always drop me an email, find me on twitter, or leave a message on THIS POST.

Thank you for listening to me shout. I need to go lie down now, because Monday is kicking my ass.


  1. I like it when you're forceful.

  2. Perfectly put. Shhhhhhhhhhh.

  3. Completely agree! The thing I really liked about this meme when I first joined in was that it required no writing at all, save putting "Silent Sunday" in the title box….it's just nice to have one thing where it is just a picture that should be able to say as much as you would like it to……hope this post works in making sure that people understand the rules!

  4. kailexness says:

    I'm guilty of putting words in the title – noted. *offers hand for a justified rap on the knuckles*

    • mochabeaniemummy says:

      That's ok – as mentioned on twitter I never approached the titles. But I thought, if I can do it, why can't everyone else?


  5. Just so I’m clear. Can we use words or not? *Running before shoe hits my head.*

    I don’t feel it is a question of bloggers getting lazy. This is a post each Sunday with a particular theme and associated rules. Like other memes (awful word, I agree) it has a theme and, yes, its own unique set of rules. If a meme said name a fruit that is orange there is little point in bemoaning the fact it didn’t ask for green, or blue, or yellow. You play to the rules – or you don’t.

    I was drawn to this theme each Sunday because it was a break from the noise, the words we are all consumed with normally and, quite frankly, thought it inspired. Still do.

    So, there’s my twopence worth. :)

    • mochabeaniemummy says:

      INDEED. It was all about removing the clutter. I get enough of words in the week, sometimes I just want the peace and quiet of just one photo.

      With NO WORDS. *lobs shoe and (luckily) misses* I always had crap aim. ;D

  6. I like Silent Sunday a lot. I agree with no words in the body but I like words in the title. I like the explanation it gives of the photo or the different way it makes you look at it. I think this is a real shame. It is of course your blog and your choice but I will no longer take part.

  7. Noted!
    I changed my ways yesterday. I'm most certainly not going to stop joining in just because I can't put a title.

  8. Well said lady!! I love that fact I can put a photo up, instead of struggling with my words, as I am HUGELY at the moment. Haven't joined in for a few weeks, so I didn't realise it had 'morphed' into posts with words. "What she said, yeah, up there"

  9. Oh I'm confused……

    Could you just go over it again?

    *Runs like the wind*

  10. This week was my first foray into Silent Sunday. I LOVE the concept, and have admired from afar til now. I messed up by linking my WHOLE blog initially, but that was me, being new to blogging and taking a while to work things out. What I did completely get though, is the 'silent' bit, the mystery, and the chance to make your own mind up, and think. I do hope that from now on we have less 'giveaways' in the title, and more silence. Silence is golden.

    • mochabeaniemummy says:

      Exactly, Lucy, I thoroughly agree. Many are still getting the linky bit wrong, I understand it's not so easy for newbies! But there's no excuse for the other stuff, you know? Silence can be more golden than some might realise. ;o) Glad to have you along!

  11. YES! I love Silent Sunday because it's a challenge – it's not easy. I'm frequently guilty on normal blog posts of saying WAY too much. I'm too verbose. So I love the challenge of taking a photo that tells a story or is a visual feast, that makes people look around it or asks questions. The more I've been doing Silent Sunday the more I've also thought about providing a photo that gives visitors something they can comment on….I haven't been able to in the last two weeks because of moving house, but usually I like trying to visit all the links and leave a comment. It's a wonderful treat on a Sunday morning with a cup of coffee visiting people's lives and being a part of it by joining in the conversation with a comment. But often I see something pretty but it doesn't tell me anything. Don't get me wrong, I love beautiful photos of kids, or flowers, or the moon ;) but I ADORE (and this could just be me) quirky ' what the heck is that?' unusual photos – they make it so much more fun to leave comments on. I'm rambling aren't I. ANYWAY I LOVE SILENT SUNDAY. And I love that it's SILENT. If you give it a title, or title it in the link (or even title it in twitter…) you put a spin on the photo, you instruct people what to see and maybe limit what they might interpret, and that's a shame. I'll shut up now. (But I love Silent Sunday, thank you!)

  12. Thanks for the clarification.

  13. I love Silent Sunday and I am a bit a stickler for rules. My two pennies worth is rules are not made to be broken they are there for a reason so they should be followed! Glad you haven't stopped it though because I do love it xx

    • mochabeaniemummy says:

      Ahw thank you! Admittedly I was tempted to stop but loads of people said they loved it so…we keep plodding on! As long as people enjoy it then that's ok. :D

  14. Well said Jay. I absolutely adore Silent Sunday and have joined in every week since I started blogging (10 weeks now). I love the fact that one photo can speak so much better than a thousand words and that it's something meaningful from the week. My last two Silent Sunday entries have been the most powerful images I've displayed I think and sum up my weeks perfectly.
    I have to admit I don't understand when people put titles on their SS posts but I just think some people can't help it with words and feel strange letting a photography speak for them if that makes sense.
    Thank you again for hosting this fantastic linkup. With this and Tara's The Gallery you have reignited my passion for photography so much x

  15. So, is that no words then? *hides*

  16. Hi,
    Like I said late last night on Twitter (but didn't get a reply), even the silent ones give it away "with words" in their "labels". Can't we say that breaks the rules too? And truly be 100% silent?

  17. Loud and clear.

    Wouldnt dare bend the rules now, in case you smack me up!!


  18. Ooh! Fierce! I like it…

    So, just so we're all clear, no words, right? Not even words of one syllable? No lols or WTFs or smilies? No wingdings or special symbols?

    Will you be punishing us if we transgress? *raises eyebrows*

  19. mochabeaniemummy says:

    At the moment, the way I see it, someone will always try to break the rules somehow. I'm thinking about labels and haven't decided yet, though I suspect I'll say no to those too. Admittedly, I very rarely see labels/tags on people's posts, because they don't jump out at me on the blog post? But I do agree with you, labels are something to consider. I suspect what will happen is I'll see how we go over the next few weeks, and hope people will be responsible enough to not abuse the meme. :)

    • okay, thanks for your reply. I'm hoping they'll interpret this new announcement as 100% silence required (as I do) and let imagination do its job in interpreting the photo. Silent Sunday is like the bloggers' version of going to church on Sunday. I guess that makes you the priest LOL.
      I'm surprised you haven't decided btw given that you said "no words" about 100 times :-)
      and labels are words ;-)

  20. *hides*

    Your idea, your rules. End of.

  21. oops! I usually put some sneaky title in there – consider myself told! I love silent sunday – the only one I make a real effort to remember to do. Thank you

  22. Here here! I'm sorry, I put titles too. I feel a little rebellious without even trying! I will conform I will will.

    I'm a bit sad about Nickie's post because I love The Gallery and Silent Sunday, and I love looking at people's photos. I'm not a great writer because a) half the time I don't have much to say, b) I work full-time so don't often sit down until late. These memes make me feel like part of something, plus they have made me a better photographer as I learn from other people every week!

    OK, I'll stop now. I think you're fab, that's all :D

    • Hi Lindsey. With respect, I think it's OK to be sad about my post because it's only one opinion about the world of blogging. I was saying what I saw at that one particular time and people pulled me up about it. I enjoy a good bit of discussion and that post certainly opened the floodgates.

      I don't expect everyone to be a fantastic wordsmith – in fact, I'd worry if the world of blogging was like that – but I do like to see original ideas.

  23. I broke the 'title' rule…..sorry….won't do it again.
    I really do love the whole 'silent sunday' theme…..perfect way to spend that particular day. :-)

  24. My hand is out for a smack for putting smart arse (or at least what I hope is interesting headings) on my photos. This will stop forthwith.
    And thanks for hosting SS, it's well on its way to being an institution.

  25. Ooops, I appear to break/bend the rules every week, really sorry! I’m new to blogging, only started in January and maybe I’m just really thick or baby brained but I sometimes read the rules of these things then confuse them or mess it up. I’m just rubbish at all this I guess. Sorry again.

  26. Him Up North says:

    Just to reiterate… no words, right?

  27. Sooo I can only use one photo? Can I photoshop words on the photo? *ducks*
    I kid! Noted! Silent Sunday is the only title and only one photo! Got it!

  28. Erm…..I'm one of those terrible types that put a title….*slaps wrist*. Will do much better next week I promise ;-) xx

  29. gingerchick633 says:

    I love silent sunday, missed this week though due to working nights. I'm always on the look out for a shot during the week. I love just looking at other's photos of what they have been up to during the week, without words, my interpretation. Just me being nosy really!
    I'm glad you've taken the silent to include the title as well though. I love opening all the blogs (and I do look through all of them) without knowing what I'm going to see.

  30. I talk to much to be a part of this lol. (And I am afraid of you :-) )

  31. mochabeaniemummy says:

    TOTALLY agree. Someone said something about being selective on which links you click so titles should be allowed – I couldn't disagree more. And the fact that people understand the element of surprise is reassuring. I've said it before I'll say it again – don't like it? Don't do it ;)

    Thanks for your support! :D

  32. So hang on, let me make sure I've got this completely right.

    No words at all?

    • mochabeaniemummy says:

      No words? I didn't say anything about no words. Me? No words? Nooo!! Surely not. No words! What?! Who would suggest such a thing?!?


  33. Metajugglamum says:

    Darleks have got nothing on you when you're cross.
    I couldn't get behind the sofa so I'm in the bin. Please dm when it's safe to come out. I have my "bing" on loud.
    MJM x

  34. I've not done this ever. But I think with your guidance here it could be okay. Except I'd like to do it on a Wednesday instead. Hope that's okay. Bye.

  35. And this is why I love blogging, simply because people have different ideas about what they put on their little corner of the internet. My post was originally about how I noticed MORE people were using images to express themselves and I wanted to READ – that's where I get some of my inspiration and ideas from. For me, a picture is a thing of beauty – and art form – but it doesn't necessarily give me something topical to write about. But I can appreciate it's beauty. And, of course, I realise that photographs are going to appear on a photography blog (or from someone who is interested in photography.

    The discussion that followed in the comments after my blog post was really interesting. Some of it swayed my view but not completely. And, of course, if I have such a "narrow" viewpoint then I expect many people to question my opinion – just as they are entitled to theirs.

    • mochabeaniemummy says:

      Bloody hell Nickie, who said you were narrow minded?!? *reads back through your comments*

      I do agree though, there is room for EVERYONE on the interwebs. Don't like photos? Go read another blog. Don't like words? Go look at a photo blog. And yes everyone is entitled to opinion. Would be a bloody dull world otherwise. Your post was an eye opener and I stand by my comment on it. I think people are/were getting lazy with posting, even in photo posts. I see loads of photo posts that seem to lack any sort of quality. Are "writers" AND "photographers" looking for an easy way out? Now there's a question worth asking. ;)

  36. I've just had a thought… I'm never EVER going to be able to join in Silent Sunday, am I? The community will hunt me down and slaughter me…..

  37. Well that's us told ;)
    I love rules so I'm happy! I was confused by the "no words" thing because I wasn't sure if titles count but I'm good to go now! Roll on next Sunday!

  38. Just wanted to stop by and say how much I've loved Silent Sunday. It's been a great way to keep my blog going when I'm struggling for lots of time to post – it gives me a nudge each week to put up a favourite pic.

    But I love titling my photos. I often put a lot of thought into the title, and for me, it's a way to categorise it in my own brain, and when I'm looking back through my blog (it's like a diary), it's a little reminder of that moment and can help me to search out a favourite photo and enjoy it again. I'm one of those people in art galleries who likes to look at the titles. It's obviously a bit of an OCD that I have.

    Because I 100% respect your rules (and why not, this it YOUR thing after all?!), I'm going to opt out for a little while. I'll still look forward to visiting and enjoy everyone's pictures each week, but I'll try to post my pictures in my own way. With titles!

    • mochabeaniemummy says:

      Good! I'm glad you're still going to do your own posts, and that's the point. Just because I set rules for something I'm doing, doesn't mean that people can't post at all, you know? I think it's great that a) you respect my request and b) have seen sense to just do your own thing anyhow. I'm glad SS has kept you going in those quiet spells, and even more glad that you're able to take it further in your own way. You are of course welcome to join in any time, and of course there is always The Gallery and the MANY other memes to join in. GOOD FOR YOU. :D

  39. I really tried hard this week. Apart from the title Ididn't write any other words. I only posted my 8 photos (all on the one theme). Did the old rules say only one photo? See you next week – please don't change the rules, I need a week to prepare myself.

    • mochabeaniemummy says:

      The rules have always been just one photo, from day one. The only thing which has changed since way back in 2009, was to not have titles, and that was only amended/clarified yesterday.

  40. With that explanation, I now totally get where you are coming from, RE: labels.

    Thanks for explaining – makes sense

  41. bitchinamy says:

    Dang, girl. I guess I'll just keep my mouth shut.

    On Sundays, anyway….

  42. Been a good girl the last couple of weeks and will behave in the future when I am joining in.

    I saw a fab post the other week, where the poster had done a silent sunday and then posted More on Monday. It was an expansion, I really liked the concept.

    Mich x

  43. geekymummy says:

    I had no idea that the post wasn't supposed to have a title. All that mental effort wasted thinking up titles when I could have just stuck the photo up!

    I love your meme, because it makes me just stop and look at things more. I made my husband pull over so I could snap my shot of the frozen store last week.

    Thanks for clarifying!

    • mochabeaniemummy says:

      Don't worry! I only clarified this week, as many people were asking. But thank you for understanding, your support and of course, taking part. :D

  44. Have you got your whip out?

    So just because I'm thick – thats no words at all, not even Silent Sunday in post….

  45. Not even a TITLE – and I had such a good one for this week!

  46. " " …………… :o )

  47. not sure how to link my silent sunday post to your site have tried copying and pasting the badge to i put that on the side of my site or under the photo? because its not working under the photo.. please help!!

  48. this is a great idea – I have just started blogging properly and I am definately going to do this! Thanks xx

  49. romanianmuminlondon says:

    how do i link it? i post it today so will probably not be considered for this week….

  50. I have just come across this idea, being new to the blogosphere and I think it's a fab idea, I quite agree about the no words, I have pinched the title though for my own blog photo today, I hope that' ok, and can I have a linky too please?

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